Recycled Packaging & Sustainability

"Sustainability" can be difficult to define from industry to industry. For Mountain Valley Spring Water, it means maintaining a delicate balance between human needs and preserving natural resources and ecosystems on which we and future generations depend.

More specifically for Mountain Valley Spring Company, "sustainability" means it meets consumer demand for good tasting, high quality bottled water while:

• Withdrawing water from our watershed in a manner not impacting the long-term viability of the watershed
• Manufacturing bottled water products using as little packaging as possible
• Working with government, industry, and public interest groups to recover and reuse as much bottled water packaging as possible
• Using as little energy as possible in the manufacture of bottled water products, and when possible, using renewable energy sources in the manufacturing process
• Doing the thousand little things in and about the manufacturing and distribution processes to make as little impact on our environment as possible

Even more specifically here are some of the concrete steps Mountain Valley Spring Water has taken to become a sustainable enterprise.

Recycled Packaging & Distribution

Mountain Valley Spring Water uses recycled content in all packaging. And not just a token amount. Currently twenty-five percent (25%) rPET is used in PET bottles and thirty-five percent (35%) recycled glass in glass bottles. It is crucial to recycling efforts to have economic demand for the old bottles collected by recyclers. The Mountain Valley Spring Water motto is "If you recycle it again, we'll reuse it again!"
We have reduced the cardboard we use by doing away with case dividers, and all distribution routes are strategically planned to reduce travel and vehicle emissions.